Zapatismo: film & discussion evenings


"On January 1, 1994, thousands of indigenous men and women said" Enough is enough! "And occupied seven cities in Chiapas, a state located in southern Mexico. For two weeks, the Zapatistas, whose name refers to the revolutionary Emiliano Zapata (1879-1919), mobilized with weapons against exploitation, racism and repression. Since then, they have resisted with civil means to improve the situation of the people. The Zapatistas have occupied land belonging to farmers and distributed it to thousands of families and continue to develop their own structures.The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) has risen to fight for land, health, freedom, democracy, peace and justice, not aspiring to seize state power but demanding a fundamental democratization of the entire society and the end of neoliberal politics. "

This is how the ZAPATISTA movement began, which we want to bring you closer to through documentaries and talks. We invite you to:


With an introduction by Rudy Robles, the screening will be followed by Q&A session and a discussion forum, where we will talk about the zapatismo and exchange points of view.

Rudy has a Master's Degree in Political and Social Studies, but above all he will tell us what he saw in '94 and the following years, and his experience of having worked in indigenous communities with some Organizations.

Rudy has a Master’s Degree in Political and Social Studies from the Law School in San Cristobal but, above all, he will tell us what he saw in ’94 and the following years and what he learned from the experience of having worked in indigenous communities with some NGO’s.

Some screenings are only in Spanish, and others with English subtitles. We will be publishing the details of the weekly schedule and each corresponding publication on our Facebook page, so that you can enjoy it and fully understand it.
The discussion forum is open to personal opinions, therefore, audio or video recording is not allowed.
The films will be projected through a projector on a large screen, but the space is small, so confirm your attendance at cell / whatsapp: +52 967 134 0329.


When: THURSDAY AT 6.30 PM.

Admission: DONATION: 40 PESOS. Iguana Hostel guests FREE.

Where: IGUANA HOSTEL, Calle Chiapa de Corzo, in front of Plaza del Cerrillo

If you want to know a bit about Zapatismo but you cannot participate in the movie afternoons with us, you can watch some short videos on our YouTube channel recorded during the city tour with Rudy in Spanish. Activate the subtitles, since the audio is not the best …