San Sebastian of Chiapa de Corzo

The prioste (means the first at the party) proudly hosts San Sebastian Martir  in his house. With respect, he is attentive to fulfill the duty of the prayers that the patron needs to receive by devotion of all his people throughout the year.

Families expect to be chosen to host San Sebastian at home: there is a long waiting list. The task is not easy – the entire family needs to participate to cover the expenses that this titanic charge requieres. Even the neighbors participate in this celebration, providing decorations so their street looks like the prettiest in the whole town.

When you walk the streets, you can understand why people feel so proud of this celebration: IT IS THEIR PARTY. They do not do it for visitors or tourists from outside. THEY DO IT FOR THEMSELVES, because they are proud of their roots, of what represents them and makes them shout with pride that they are Chiapacorceños.

Doña Marilina Nigenda, proudly wears her traditional dress. Dressed in her best jewels and a head decoration in her hair, she receives the people who swirl in her house to pray to the Patron Saint who, from her altar, joyfully, enjoys her party with them. She greets everybody and, as any good host, she coordinates the activities that comes with being the PRIOSTE of the party. “It is a blessing to us. We received it in January of last year and our duty is about to be completed. We are going to make a good farewell to San Sebastian so that he wants to return to our house. ”

On January 23, the Parachicos will pick up San Sebastian from hes house, take him to the mass and transport him to his new house, to the new prioste.

Many families wait for long years to be the PRIOSTE of the party. Parents teach their children about the tradition, even since they are new-borns. Everybodu participates in the organization and preparations and most importantly “we learn the rhythm and zapateado even before walking, we bring it in the blood” (said Chiapacorceño).

“Viva San Sebastian Muchachos”

“Viva el parachico Alegre muchachos”

“Viva la fiesta de nosotros muchachos”

“Viva Chiapa de Corzo muchachos”