Textiles of Chiapas: Larrainzar & Zinacantan


This EXCLUSIVE experience is aimed at those who are passionate about TEXTILES AND EMBROIDERY. We are going to visit two main towns where artisans are dedicated to creating textiles on the backstrap loom, an instrument that comes from pre-Hispanic times. First we are going to travel to the very little visited town, SAN ANDRES LARRAINZAR, one hour from San Cristobal and then we will travel to ZINACANTAN, the most visited for its crafts and traditions.
During this tour you will get to know the social context of the towns, approaching the living culture, in an interactive and respectful way. During the trip you will be able to admire the beauty of the exuberant vegetation of the Highlands of Chiapas and its rural landscapes.





First we go to the farthest point: SAN ANDRES LARRAINZAR, a Tzotzil town located within a picturesque landscape in the mountains. One hour of travel is to admire the beauty of the exuberant vegetation and rural landscapes.
We will start with a visit to the house of Ceci Gomez, a great textile master in her workshop, where she will explain the art of the waist loom. Ceci will explain to us the Mayan symbolism of local embroidery and will explain with a few small samples, the use of natural dyes from plants and insects. In the house of the artisan we are going to have a typical breakfast of the region.

We will make a brief stop at the town square and its church. Larrainzar played a prominent role during the Zapatista uprising in 1994, since it was in the head of this municipality where the San Andrés Accords were signed, that is, the agreement established between the Mexican Government and the E.Z.L.N. to end the war.

SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, there is the possibility of making a stop on the way to visit a family that is dedicated to making garments made from sheep’s wool. The family will give us brief explanations about the shearing (cutting) and clothing process and the related customs.

Then we will travel to ZINACANTAN, a Mayan town dedicated to planting, trading and growing flowers. This last activity gives rise to an explosion of color and textures that predominate the life of the place. We will visit its church full of flowers, where your local expert will tell you about the beliefs, traditions and customs of this indigenous people. You will meet a Tzotzil family dedicated to making garments on a backstrap loom, identifying traditional embroidery. 

Our hallmark is interaction with local communities, as well as direct support for artisans. We support fair trade and fair prices for the work of artisans. Any deals/shopping is direct without commissions in between.

Price: minimum 3 people: MXN 980* / person. Includes: typical breakfast prepared by an artisan for us, private transport, guide, pick up from your downtown hotel. *VAT not included.

REMEMBER: Our experiences are personalized and can be modified and adapted according to the interests and preferences of the client.




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