Customs of indigenous villages of Chiapas


Our star product: customized and interactive tour to the INDIGENOUS VILLAGES SAN JUAN CHAMULA and ZINACANTAN in the Highlands of Chiapas. It is a deep experience and lots of knowledge! You will learn with the  best local experts about customs, traditions, religion and everyday life of this mayan villages. Scroll down for more details ⬇




We will travel to San Juan Chamula (30 minutes from San Cristobal), a place full of ancestral traditions. Its people, descendants of the Mayas, has struggled to preserve the customs of their ancestors now mixed with the Catholic religion. We will see this customs and rituals in the famous church of ChamulaYou will get known its cultural and social context. We will observe the living culture respectfully and I will explain the tradition, believes and customs of the place. Dare to taste pox, the traditional brandy made from corn, while I tell you stories and legends of this mystical town.

The next stop will be the Art Tex Independent Art Gallery. Here, you will meet the local painter Tex Lopez and see works by local artists inspired by their daily life and village festivities. We will make a stop for breakfast (not included) with a spectacular view of the mountains. It is an option out of the common route for the massive operators. If you are not interested, we can skip it and adapt the tour according to your interest.

Then we will travel to Zinacantan, an indigenous village located 35 minutes from San Cristobal, where Mayan people dedicate to handcrafts, trade and cultivation of flowers. This last activity is a main inspiration to explosion of colours and textures that predominate the life of the place. We will visit the church and then you will meet a Tzotzil family dedicated to the handcraft of textliles on a backstrap loom and you will get familiar with traditional embroidery. 

Approximate time: 9.00am – 3.00 pm.

Price: minimum 3 people: $980* / person. Includes: guide, private transport, entrances, pick up from your downtown hotel. *VAT not included.

REMEMBER: Our experiences are personalized and can be modified and adapted according to the interests and preferences of the client.


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