Offerings on Day of Dead at Zinacantan

At dawn, people get ready for a very special day. Brewing coffee to wake up, some beans with eggs and handmade tortillas: this breakfast is the beginning of a family tradition. The Itacate is ready, and so the family leaves home for the pantheon to prepare everything for those two special days.

It is October 31, and you can feel the emotions, that precede the Day of the Dead, in the air. The way to the pantheon is long, walking or mototaxi take the necessary tools to do the maintenance. Men and women clean each of the graves of their relatives. If necessary, they paint them and burn the accumulated garbage and prepare the niches to fill them with offerings the next day.

Meanwhile, down there in the town, the spiritual leaders walk from house to house to collect fruits from the families. They deposit fruit in a truck. When it is full, it drives to the pantheon and the fruit is deposit at the entrance as an offering to the souls of the dead who will soon come to visit their families for the next two days, rejoicing that they are well received, that they have not been forgotten.

All that fruit will be taken back on November 2 to the central square in front of the Church of San Lorenzo. The mayordomos in a special ceremony dance and pray to distribute all that offering among the inhabitants of the town, who gather around to fulfill their tradition and continue to be part of it ….