Meet bakers in Teopisca

It is 01:00 in the morning, in a house located in the Zaragoza neighborhood. The alarm of a clock sounds: it is the signal that a long day will begin. Family members and neighbors gather outside the bakery, waiting for the gate to open and they start working. A cup of hot coffee welcomes you. The pot of coffee remains on a low heat for those who want to help themselves more, the night is young and there will be plenty of time to talk about life and dreams.

The bakers are directed by Doña Petra Zúñiga, a well-known lady in Teopisca and its surroundings, who began to make this exquisite bread 35 years ago. “When I was young, Doña Mechita Domínguez taught me how to make bread. Now it is my daughter Lilia who accompanies me. Each of them already knows what she has to do. My husband helps us to get the firewood and to light the oven. We are ten women who work together. All day we make about 4,500 pieces of bread, of different sizes and about 10,000 pieces of nougat. We finish work between 9 and 10 at night, twice a week ”-Doña Petra tells us proudly and with a beautiful smile on her face.

There is an altar in honour of the Virgin of Juquila in the bakery. Doña Lilia Zúñiga tells us: “We distribute the bread and nougat in different parts of Teopisca, Comitán, San Cristóbal and Villa las Rosas. The bakery is called Juquila, because my grandfather took us, since we were girls, to visit the virgin there in Oaxaca, we travel every Easter. It is our family tradition ”.

The bakery is open only on Tuesdays and Fridays and these days you can visit the Juquilita bakery with us, after the experience of POTTERY WORSHOP.