La Fiesta Grande in Chiapa de Corzo

"Viva el Señor de Esquipulas, muchachos!

Viva el señor San Antonio Abad, muchachos!

Viva el patron de la fiesta, San Sebastiancito Martir, muchachos!

Viva la virgenicia morena, muchachos!"

Vivas de los Parachicos


If you are traveling to Chiapas in January, maybe you planned it with the purpose of seeing the Parachicos or maybe you don't know how lucky you are ...

Between January 8 - 23 you can participate in one of the most spectacular and most important festivals in our state: the Fiesta Grande de Chiapa de Corzo. The main protagonist of the Festival is Parachico which, with its famous Parachicos Dance, has been designated Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO since 2009.

The Fiesta Grande de Chiapa de Corzo is a religious, traditional and popular celebration, in which the entire population of Chiapa de Corzo participates. The Fiesta Grande has a pre-Hispanic origin, to later be merged with Christianity, mainly related to the image of San Sebastián, brought by the Spaniards and brings much symbolism and legends. If you want to not only see, but really learn, understand and live it, we invite you to participate in the Fiesta Grande with Chiapas Experiences.

Follow us, to learn who the Parachicos are, where their clothing comes from, who are the Chunta, discover the traditional food recipes of Chiapa de Corzo and much more!

The main days of the Fiesta Grande (available to book with Chiapas Experiences) are:

  • January, 8- Announcement of the Fiesta Grande with parade of Las Chunta,
  • January, 15 - Day of the Lord of Esquipulas, First day of Parachicos (parade of Parachicos and Chiapanecas)
  • January, 17 - Day of San Antonio Abad and Day of La Comida Grande (Big Feast) (parade of Parachicos and Chiapanecas)
  • January, 20 - San Sebastian Martir Day (parade of Parachicos and Chiapanecas)
  • January, 23 - Parachicos Mass and change of prioste (parade of Parachicos and Chiapanecas)

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