Celebrations of Santiago Apostol in Amatenango

The church of San Francisco is still closed. The damage caused by the earthquake has not yet been repaired. That is not an impediment for people to gather in the atrium of the Church, since on one side the religious images of San Francisco, Santiago Apóstol, Santa Lucia and the Virgen del Rosario have been placed. On July 25, Santiago Apóstol is celebrated. There are flowers and hundreds of candles at the altar. Proud men, women and children participate in this celebration: it is their history, it is their festive day.

At the end of mass, people sit in the park in front of the Church. The religious authorities, the ““alfereces” are in charge of the celebration: for that they were chosen. Four alfereces in their traditional clothes stand out from the rest of the town. They dress in a white shirt and pants, red scarves with flower embroidery cover their back and head. The horses are ready. The alfeceres lead the race. The horsemen run around the Church. People dressed in their traditional clothes happily watch the race. Everyone is celebrating.

Amatenango del Valle is located between Teopisca and Comitan. Most of the people passing Amatenango make a short stop to see the crafts that are exhibited on the side of the road, at the same time that they delight the palate with a roasted corn prepared with mayonnaise, cheese and chili. Visitors who dare to explore the town are surprised: in each house there is a history that is reflected in the handicrafts that women create every day. They are potters. They tell stories with their hands: it is not a simple dove, it is not just a vase, it is not only an amazing jaguar made of clay, it is more than that, it is an artistic legacy, a family tradition with which the potters honor their ancestors. .

This is little known Mexico: come and get it known with us and discover the real Chiapas. We also have a special tour on these special dates – space is limited to 4 people!