Bonampak adventure

The next day we hired a crazy driver who took us to the archaeological site of BONAMPAK. The splendor of the city took place in the classical period, between 650 and 900 AD. The remains of the buildings may not be as impressive as Yaxchilan but we were impressed to see the Mayan murals that have been preserved in such good condition until today with our own eyes. It was something magical. Here, the bloody stories of sacrifices told by the guide in Yaxchilan helped us to understand and appreciate the Mayan frescoes.

There are several rules in the area, among them, you cannot travel in your own transport as well as the walks you have to do with a local guide to support the local economy, besides the local people are beautiful and they stole our hearts with their sincere hospitality .
• Entrance to the archaeological zone Bonampak: $ 80
• Transportation from Lacanja Chansayab-Bonampak: $ 100 / person
• To investigate the history of the site, read here: Main information in Spanish➡➡➡

*** Did you know? The Bonampak murals were painted about 700 years before the Sistine Chapel and are important in understanding the Mayan culture, since even before the discovery of the murals, the Mayans were thought to be a peaceful society. ***

The next point of the adventure was a walk through the jungle until reaching some waterfalls. These walks can be hired anywhere they stay. The nature of the jungle is amazing! Ceiba trees 30-50 meters high. Nature lovers cannot miss this opportunity to stay in the area for a minimum of 2 days!

More details about Bonampak and its murals on Wikipedia ➡➡➡