4 years of Experiencias Chiapas anniversary OFFER

We are already 4 years old!!!

Experiencias Chiapas launched in June 2019 with the mission of sharing the culture and tradition of Chiapas in a conscious and respectful way, supporting artisans and families who receive us in their workshops, in their homes. Remember that by traveling with us you are supporting the local economy and local families.

Our experiences are interactive and genuine. Travel with us to really understand the tradition and social contexts of Chiapas.

And here's the ANNIVERSARY OFFER - I know, a little late, it's already July but here comes the offer:
20% discount for groups of 4 people in cultural experiences operated directly by Experiencias Chiapas with Rudy Robles.
You can book now with a discount through this voucher (choose PROMO 20% OFF) and you will have 3 months to use it. Just let us know the dates in advance. The experiences that participate in the offer:

    • Customs of indigenous peoples
    • Textiles and mysticism of the Highlands of Chiapas
    • Clay workshop in Amatenango del Valle
    • Sumidero Canon and the culture and tradition of Chiapa de Corzo

Any questions, contact us at tel/whatsapp +52 967 1465544 or info@experienciaschiapas.com